Jupiter Ascending


You would have to have a pretty good reason to invest hundreds of thousands of years cultivating life on a planet with the hopes of one day reaping a harvest. That harvest would surely have to be beyond priceless to be worth the effort.

The trailer for Jupiter Ascending doesn’t make it clearly exactly what Earth’s galactic forebears were hoping to one day cream from its inhabitants. I like to imagine these aliens seed countless planets, willing to wait eons for their individual cultures , and in particular their authorship of young adult literature, to develop to the point where they write their own version of the Twilight Saga.

Like the Shakespearean monkeys with their typewriters, each civilisation one day pens its own iteration of this literary benchmark – sometimes Edward comes out on top, sometimes Jacob – sometimes Bella is a werewolf from the start, and sometimes everyone is a lizard. Whatever the outcome, it allows for a narrative breadth and versatility that could never be penned by members of a single civilisation, however advanced.



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