American Sniper


American Sniper looks by all accounts to be a powerful film. Prior to the movie we hadn’t heard so much this side of the Atlantic about the famed soldier – although it’s a biopic I won’t go into the details here in case you would rather remain in suspense, but there’s plenty to read online if you’re interested. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that a PG director’s cut is on its way, wherein every enemy combatant in the picture is replaced with an adorable woodland critter, giving an overall flavour of a slightly grittier Bambi.

Good news for t shirt aficionados – I’ve had some more designs printed, available to buy from Amazon at the links below. It’s an updated, all around better version of my ‘How to Sail’ design – it comes in navy and royal blue for guys, and is also available in royal blue in a womens’ cut.


Also, if you missed it before, my Hobbit inspired ‘There and Back Again’ is also still available:

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