Icon Design


Vector icons created for Quick Bird Studios, a talented team of app developers based in Munich. The clients wanted images that would give a snapshot of their work, from designing function and interface, through development and implementation, and lastly the ongoing support and updates.





A collection of illustrated maps.


Recent illustrations

Some of the illustrations from an upcoming project

To see more of my work, go back to the portfolio page, or take a look at the book I illustrated, He Was and Is and Is to Come

Wedding Illustrations

Some illustrations from a recent family wedding.

Wedding Table Plan

A collection of images I illustrated for the wedding of two friends earlier this year. We created a wedding invite that reflected the venue they were using. We also created illustrations of significant places from their relationship to mark out the different tables for the reception. If you would be interested in commissioning something similar, do please get in touch by phone or email.

The invite was designed as an A6 card, in a z-fold format – closed the topmost image would be on show, opened up you can see all three. I have removed the text from the invite above, which went on the middle page, but we produced three separate language versions to send to guests who spoke English, Spanish or Catalan.

I also produced some alternative colour versions of the invite to give more options.

These are the images used for the seating plan, and also to mark out each table:


Village scene with mountain backdrop – originally an illustration of Bethlehem, I ended up producing a handful of colour options, with both day and night scenes. The full high res image is 75cm wide by 35cm tall, and prints are available in a range of sizes at Redbubble or Society6




Sheep Fishing

Pretty much what it says on the tin – commissioned last year by some friends at a church in Chafford Hundred. If you’re interested in similar work, why not take a look at the book I illustrated in 2016, He Was and Is and Is to Come, or get in touch to see how I can help illustrate something that will convey a message you’re trying to get across.

Sheep fishing

He Was and Is and Is to Come

Lighthouse / Nighthouse

Black and white, an idea I had for a lighthouse that operates in very much the opposite of the norm. It ended up as a two sided image that works either way up, and is available as a t shirt at Threadless.



Patterned Lightning Strike

A stylised, 3D lightning strike – originally printed as a limited edition run at CottonBureau, and now available as a t shirt at Threadless.

Lightning T