If you can catch a fox, you can dodge a ball


I’m just saying, it would be easy to go into this film with an expectation for the cutesy adventures of an athlete who steps out of his chosen field and goes to live with his loveable uncle, helping him farm foxes on the American countryside. People farm foxes right? Of course they do, otherwise where would all the foxes come from. Anyway, that’s not what Foxcatcher is about, which seems more than a little misleading. Had I been offered a seat on the committee for naming this particular film, I would have been pushing hard for ‘Wrestlemania’, because:

1) there’s a clear signal that wrestling plays some sort of role in this movie and

2) the ‘mania’ bit (just after ‘wrestle’ in the title) kinda sorta fits the John du Pont story.

Anyhow, take a look at the trailer, then (thusly informed) take a look at the trailer for Fantastic Mr Foxcatcher, then if you’ve still got time, go and watch Fantastic Mr Fox, which is beautifully animated even if not’s quite your cup of tea. Then maybe a nap.

I’m working on some other projects just at the moment, so will probably keep comics coming about once a week for the foreseeable future. Perhaps the relative scarcity will make the heart grow fonder.

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