Danish Zookeeping


Man, being a zookeeper is a tough gig. There you are, putting down another herd of exotic animals as you do every month, and suddenly the public are in uproar. Is nothing sacred anymore? In case you haven’t heard, the Danish zoo which put down a giraffe recently has turned their attention to a family of lions. Their one concession is that they won’t be dissecting the lions in front of a live audience, which, I don’t know, seems like not much of an effort by their PR department to win back the public vote.

I won’t delve too deep into the world of zoo euthanasia, which is apparently pretty prolific. However normal it might be to dispose of a bunch of lions to make way for a new one, It does seem a little… unwise on the zoo’s part to do it so soon after their last brush with debacle. I’ve been to Denmark, and there is plenty of open countryside. Really, what harm could a small family of lions do if set free in the Danish hills and left to their own devices?


  1. I’m sure the baby penguins had it coming anyhow.

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