Climate Change


Who says One Legged Kiwi doesn’t cover the tough subjects? If this site is your primary source of news, then that probably reflects a little poorly on you – but to summarise, scientists have been telling us for years that all sorts of the wasteful, pollutey stuff we do is harming the environment, and we pretty much carried on anyway, and now after a few years of collecting more data they can prove that the environment is being damaged – to some extent irreversibly. A number of experts have chipped in on the news to point out that in their opinion the report is exaggerated. Well, maybe it is, but it seems pretty clear that we’re at least having some fairly unhelpful impact on the environment. Even if it’s not as bad as this report says, you’d think the most important thing would be focussing on how we can better look after the environment, rather than instantly looking to shoot down something that might provoke people to make some changes.

If you’re looking for a few short term fixes, don’t go and throw your stockpiled barrels of oil into the ocean. Maybe start with switching off the lights when you leave the room, not boiling more water than you need when you make a cup of tea, or running your washing machine a little colder.

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