Who wants to be a Kiwillionaire: Body modification edition

Who wants to be a kiwi?

Who wants to be a kiwi: the gameshow where you can experience life as a small, vulnerable, flightless bird for yourself. If that’s caught your interest, then we are accepting applications to be on the show in the form of monetary donations.

I will be away on holiday until 30 July – but fear not! I have recently finished building an obedient clockwork kiwi. While I am away, he will continue to upload comics Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and will play you a brief pre-recorded message. I do not expect him to remain loyal for more that about 2 weeks, so I will take back control of operations upon my return and dismantle him.

In the meantime, if you order anything from the shop I will ensure it gets posted straight away when I return.

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