We’ve made a book!


Apologies for a lack of activity at One Legged Kiwi these last few months – I’ve been very hard at work illustrating a book – which is at long last available to buy.

The book is a beautiful poem written by Stef Liston from Revelation Church in London, all about Jesus. I was deeply moved the first time I heard it, and I think that’s come across in the illustrations. Essentially, it’s a lyrical, graphic way of explaining why we’re so crazy about him. If you’re a believer, I hope it will fan your passion for Jesus into greater flame. If you’re not a Christian, or you’re not sure what you believe, then I hope it will at least say something of why we think this Jesus so worthy of our time and affection. Also, you can enjoy the pictures!

You can get a copy at my site Anchor Lines through this link, or you can also order through Amazon – although shipping seems to get more expensive through there.