Jurassic World: The TV Series – Episode 10


A dramatic denouement to our hero’s airborne escapades! It seems as though perhaps narwhal and the friendly mosasaur haven’t come out all too well in this particular encounter, but it didn’t seem like they were having that good of a time anyway.

I should clarify that the oversized explosion is entirely reasonable from a scientific point of view. The plummeting tryannomoth’s velocity alone guaranteed a certain release of kinetic energy upon his impact. Add to that two crucial factors: 1) dinosaur hybrids are, as a necessary part of their production, composed largely of highly unstable nuclear isotopes – even at the best of times they are capable of high yield detonation (another reason why they are often considered unsuitable for use in a family oriented dinosaur theme park) and 2) our nautical friends are (were) swimming above a rich, just-barely-subterranean vein of natural gas. Needless to say, the kiwi was at all times entirely ignorant of the above information, with the baby on the fishing line in fact serving to mastermind the majority of the operation.