Avengers: Dark Age of Ultron


This is probably the primary problem with being a machine person – malevolent or otherwise. Finding a reliable power source never seems to be a problem – my wall sockets basically always work as long as we keep paying the electricity bill – but there’s something deeply unreliable about wifi routers. If you somehow have one that never has a fault of any kind, then congratulations! Don’t get too excited though – your house is likely to be ground zero for the impending robot uprising.

I’m experimenting a little bit with the artwork – let me know if you think not having borders at the edges of each panel is an improvement or a gross affront.

Oh oh! I’ve got another shirt up for sale at Teefury all this week – it’s about books! Click on the link below to go there and buy many, many of these for your friends and family. It’s art, but it’s also educational, so the outlay would be fully justified.


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