Downton Abbey Exclusive Season 5 Preview!


When it comes to scoops, you know you can count on the One Legged Kiwi for all the hottest news. And facts. Just not necessarily at the same time.

Exclusive to this site, we can reveal that Season 5 of Downton Abbey will include some major shake ups to the formula. In episode two, we’re in for the shock revelation that rascally footman Jimmy has been moonlighting as a trampoline salesman. The scene where Carson bounces him clean over the manor walls is a real gutbuster!

With similar amazement, a later episode sees the plot of Taken lifted virtually word for word when Mrs Patmore is taken captive by a roaming bad of militant nuns. Bates drops the hammer with his trademark brusqueness, and given his previous spell in the jailhouse, is wise enough to cover his tracks as he goes along.

Check in next time for further sneak peaks, along with exclusive interviews and dream journals from each of your favourite cast members!

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