Harry Hopper and the Philosopher’s Kidney Stones


The copyright’s probably expired on the Harry Potter series by now, so it’s high time for One Legged Kiwi to cash in on all that goodwill. Above: Part one in a thrilling tale of magic, confusion, and spelling mistakes. Tune in next time for… part 2…

If you can’t wait that long for further Potter parodies, you might want to check out A Very Potter Musical – it’s a genius stage musical that some American youths put on as a one off, and you can watch it in its entirety on Youtube. Part 1 starts here – it’s all broken up into 4 minute videos, so you sometimes need to hunt for the next one, but its very well done and worth a watch if you get a moment. There is a full length version available, but I’m not sure the video quality is as good.

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