Harry Hopper and the Philosopher’s Kidney Stones – Part 7


It does occur to me that one or two elements of the Harry Potter series don’t strictly make a lot of sense. Why, in book 1, did it seem like a clever idea to move a much sought after, very powerful item from an incredibly well guarded bank, and into an area populated principally by children? I mean, I know it worked out for them, against all odds and entirely by chance, but it seems like the sort of thing that might come up at the next parents evening. Lucius got a lot of flak for all his attempts to kick Dumbledore out of office, but sometimes you do kinda see things from his perspective…

Went to see The Wind Rises last week, and really enjoyed it. If you’ve never seen anything by Studio Ghibli, they’re a Japanese animation studio who make very beautiful films – watercolour backgrounds, intriguing characters and locations – often with very compelling stories. Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke might be a better place to start if you haven’t seen any of their stuff, but The Wind Rises is a lovely film in its own right. It tells the story of Jiro, a Japanese plane designer who dreams of flight, and finds himself designing planes during the war. It’s fairly slow paced, but well worth a watch and family friendly.

I also watched the Thunderbirds movie on TV, which is almost entirely terrible.


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