Further tips for infant care


I have now been a father for over one week, which I feel qualifies me as a childcare expert. As time permits, we will continue trying to share some of these learnings with you in pictographic form, for your edification.

Parenthood is undeniably incredible, and I am thrilled every day to have a daughter. It does however come with some trials, as has been well documented to date. Chief among my battles at present is nappy changing. It’s not so much the smell or gross aspects that bother me, and my wife would call me a hypocrite if it was. More so, the combination of incessant wriggling with a specially calibrated wailing joins forces to add an outrageous amount of stress to the endeavour.

This level of protest usually being reserved in life for when I’m doing something very very wrong, it adds up to make me feel like I’m genuinely terrible at this nappy business. I’m trying my best sweetheart! If at all possible, could you make use of the written feedback form to register your discontent next time?

Above, some early attempts at toddler training. At 10 days old, perhaps I’m starting too soon.

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