You may not be aware of Richard B Riddick. Vin Diesel plays the character in both Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, and has a new film out. I actually quite like Vin Diesel, and have a soft spot for most Sci-Fi (with some small exceptions) – so had been quite looking forward to the new film. That said, several sites seem to be saying the film is pretty darn misogynistic, along with just being mediocre. I may end up seeing it at the point where it finds it way onto tv, but it’s somewhat offputting.

Today’s strip comes from a place where Riddick has put his troubled past behind him and set up shop as a licenced optometrist. It seems a little strange to me that in a future with so much space travel and fancy nuts and bolts, you can’t just get some sort of implant to let you see in the dark. Still! It seems like a pretty tempting and not at all terrifying surgical procedure – and one which Riddick explains you can usually only obtain in prison!


On a thoroughly unrelated note, if you’re some sort of fan of Pride and Prejudice, you may want to check out The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, a series of videos which ran from 2012 to 2013. It’s kinda compelling!

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