Soylent Cream


If you haven’t heard of Soylent, go check out their funding campaign and watch the video. I for one look forward to the brave new future where we all eat liquid mulch as 90% of our weekly intake!  I’m sure the name of the product was chosen ironically, but it still seems like a strange choice. One of the basics of marketing a new food must surely be to leave your customers in no doubt as to whether or not it contains any trace of people.

The campaign video is kinda sorta compelling as they go through the benefits, though they cleverly shy away from showing too many shots of the actual product, as it doesn’t exactly set you salivating. It’s also got something of a creepy futuristic advertising vibe, like they could equally well be selling better living through brain slugs.

In 15 years time, as my children finish up the last squirts of lunch from a repurposed windex bottle, we will settle in by the fire and I will wistfully regale them with tales of the age of solids.

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