Mural Mk. II

A second newborn is rapidly approaching our household (metaphorically speaking). As its older sister is in possession of a mural of unquestionable worth and quality on her bedroom wall, it seemed only fair that the new kid should get the same treatment.

It’s a smaller room, so (thankfully!) I didn’t have space for as large an illustration as the first time around. We’ve ended up with a clouds and birds and aerial stuff theme, with one side a bit sleepier than the other. There’s some process shots below:


In case anyone is interested, the clouds went on first, and are painted with normal white wall paint. All the other colours followed and are acrylic paints – I used a set of process colours from Daler Rowney, which you get from here or your local art store: Daler-Rowney System 3 75ml Original Process Paint Tube (Set of 5)

Process colours means that you can (theoretically) mix them together to make pretty much any colour you like, although in practice there’s a lot of trial and error involved, and a fair few dollops of brownish grey wasted paint leftover. Acrylics hold their colour quite well and you can get some nice bright shades for the kiddies.

Once that all dried, I outlined the clouds, sun and moon in acrylic paint, and the black outlines went on last. They were done using a fine paintbrush and some black india ink. It’s much much easier and cleaner to get an accurate line with the black ink than with black paint.