New the Earth and New the Heavens – Part 1


It’s rhyme time. This is the first of a four part series – drawing particularly from the final few chapters of Revelation. There is enormous encouragement to be found in those pages – we live in pretty unsettled times, and it brings much needed perspective to know that God will bring history to a dramatic, breath taking and glorious conclusion. There is both warning and hope for those who don’t follow Jesus. Warning – that God’s view of history is very real; that time is short and we have only this lifetime to determine what happens to us in the next. And hope – that WHOEVER puts their trust in Jesus will have a place in his new Heavens and new Earth.

It’s the nature of these passages that I’m trying to illustrate something that I don’t really have the visual vocabulary for – what Paul in 2 Corinthians 4 describes as an ‘eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison’ – so bear with me! I’ll do the best I can, and we’ll wait for the next life to fill in the blanks.

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