You are not your own


1 Corinthians 6:20 – You are not your own – you were bought at a price, therefore honour God with your bodies.

Not trying to be preachy with this one. Basically I wanted to commit a couple of helpful verses to memory for my own sake, and it helps me to illustrate them. That way I have to spend a few hours with them, make sure I understand what they’re speaking about and just have them rolling around my head for a good long time. So – this is aimed at myself, and if you get any encouragement from it then great. Next week I’ll be doing something similar – and both are intended to scale down to print at 5″ x 7″ so they can go in a standard picture frame near my desk and I can continue to marinate in them.

Nothing particularly high concept here. The internet is incredibly useful, but also full of all kinds of unhelpful avenues and opportunities to do a little sinnin’. It helps me to remember that God paid an incomparably high price for me – and I should honour him in return.

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