Jurassic World: The TV Series – Episode 9


To clarify, a baby on a stick should only ever be used in a tyrannosaurus rex/moth hybrid situation. It would be both ineffective and unethical in just about every other situation, and One Legged Kiwi in no way condones the use of a baby on a stick for any such circumstances. I understand that, even confined to this extremely narrow range of usage, some people still find objection to this particular application of a newborn attached to a fishing line. My answer to their objections is straightforward – look how well it’s working! That dinomoth is going nuts for that proverbial carrot. I’m not going to say that the end justifies the means, but hey, come on, this is just going better than anyone could have hoped. An actual carrot would not have lent itself nearly so well to this scenario. Plus that baby is having a whale of a time. Swaddled up, warm and cosy, wind in its hair – perhaps the nip of altitude even soothing its teething pains. Let’s put aside our preconceptions, and just see how things play out from here.