Mad Max: Fury Road


Just because you live in a desolate, terrifying wasteland ruled over only by those insane or brutal enough to seize power from the weak, it doesn’t follow that PR and advertising should become a relic of the past. Indeed, in these situations it is more important than ever to project a strong brand. You need to show the populace that you are strong, courageous and wise, yet also sufficiently tender and caring that they won’t immediately seek to overthrow you the moment you lift your bootheel from their necks.

In particular, if you are in the process of building a well rounded harem, in hopes of siring the perfect son to take over from you when you’re gone, nothing is more critical than getting your brand message right. A few words could make all the difference between a harmonious (if oppressive and odious) arrangement, and a large scale vehicular road war resulting in your untimely death.



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