Gladiator IX


Et tu, Flav? There is perhaps no betrayal more pointed than that of somebody you once thought to be a trusted and respectable hip hop politician, with several years of apparently open and accountable public service under his belt, and who you would perhaps have voted for yourself, if voting was actually a part of your system of government, and you weren’t prevented from doing so by reason of your forced servitude to a gladiatorial arena boss. It’s a situation we are all likely to face at some point, and so we perhaps feel Maximus’ pain here all the more keenly.

I’ve hit a particularly busy few weeks with various things, so you may have noticed I’m only putting up one comic a week for the moment. Normal service will hopefully return before long!

Amongst the business, some good news – we have some new t shirts in the store! They’re available through Amazon, linked below!

And if you haven’t bought your Christmas cards yet, we’ve got some crackers – check them out here.

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