Herc is back! Of course, my childhood is already full of fond memories of Hercules, either in the form of the brilliant Disney film, 0r the incomparable Kevin Sorbo, whose legendary journeys occasionally crossed with those of Xena, warrior princess of some repute. What more could you ask for?

I feel Hercules might have a tougher time establishing credibility in our day and age. There’s a whole slew of people out there for whom ‘I’m the son of a god’ is no longer sufficient explanation for titanic feats of strength and agility. We’re talking mandatory drug tests before and after any given labour at a minimum. On that note, if you’re interested in the whole Lance Armstrong debacle, there’s a great documentary still available on 4OD. My wife is pretty competitive, and leaves me in no doubt of her desire to win at any given board or video game we play. That said, she would probably draw the line at undergoing medical procedures to secure a Mario Kart victory. You may take a different view, but their willingness to go through blood transfusions just for the sake of winning a bike race puts these guys somewhere outside the normal mode of thinking.

On a separate note, let’s bring togas back. Ain’t nobody don’t look good in a toga.



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