Opthomas Prime


So apparently there’s a Thomas the Tank Engine movie coming out? It looks rad, although I have heard almost nothing about it save for seeing a poster near one of our cinemas. At least the Postman Pat film had tv spots, although maybe I’ve just missed them.

I can of course respect catering to their long established audience with what looks to be a family friendly film – but I can’t help but wonder if they might be better served by taking things in a slightly edgier direction. The kids who grew up on Thomas and friends are adults now – looking for a more capable, all action, Thomas. With a few hundred more explosions and a can of lens flare, these guys could have a real moneyspinner on their hands!

I haven’t seen the new Transformers. This is pretty much all I’ve read about it, and kinda speaks volumes, although to be fair I gave up after the second film.

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