The Purge


The basic premise of The Purge (and this summer’s sequel, The Purge: Anarchy) just seems entirely ridiculous to me. It’s basically an America where, once a year, the populace are free to crime whatever crimes they feel like without comeuppance. Apart, obviously, from being at the mercy of all the other crimers who are out doing crimes on purge night. The point is supposedly to give people an opportunity to vent their worst tendencies, and reduce crime rates for the rest of the year. I’m not totally sure of the logic behind that, as I’m not sure that all of the people who have an inclination to go around raping and murdering are doing it from a well reasoned, impulse free standpoint.

It’s also a sneaky kind of population control, designed to kill off the poor and whatnot, meaning that the people who end up surviving are those who are rich enough to buy protection. What they haven’t thought about, is who is going to work at all the Starbucks and carwashes and so on for them when all the poor people are gone? Further, while they focus on all the killing, I can kinda imagine one night of this a year would lead to such colossal looting that most of the insurance companies would go bankrupt.

You see – they haven’t fully thought this through.


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