The Big Tournament


This guy would like to at least finish as number 2! Seriously though kids, eat your 5 a day, plenty of fibre and plenty of water. No overstraining. Don’t ever say the kiwi isn’t a good life coach.

I saw Sharknado recently, by which I mean it was on in the background at some point while I was doing something productive. It is without a doubt one of the worst conceived and executed disaster films I have ever seen. The basic premise is a major tropical storm hitting California, flooding the streets and filling them with deadly sharks, some of which are then lifted into the air and spun around by tornadoes like a fishy blender, devouring anything they come into contact with. It’s an utterly ridiculous concept, and could have easily been a hilarious film. But it isn’t. It’s just terrible.

It is however almost entirely redeemed when, having sat through 90 minutes of shark garbage, just before the credits roll the screen fades to black and reads ‘fin’. Brilliant. Almost as if they had set up this entire trainwreck of a film just so they could close it with that incredible pun.


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