So, Maleficent. You may well have seen it already – it’s a film about Angelina Jolie, taking the story you think you know, and divulging some unexpected backstory. Like, Maleficent had a difficult childhood or something. So, actually, a lot like Wicked. Judging by the film’s popularity, maybe we need one of these for all of the films from our youth? A tearjerking spotlight on Ursula’s battle with self esteem issues as a teenager; Jafar’s crippling addiction to dieting pills; or how Mufasa always used to put Scar’s paw in a bowl of warm water while he was sleeping. Actually, I might just go ahead and pitch some of those. Watch this space!

From the trailer (so, you know, I’m not spoiling anything) it’s clear that Maleficent was once a fairy, who has since had her wings stolen from her. The scene where she loses them will provoke both your tear ducts and saliva glands in equal measure, so make sure to bring a tissue and some snacks. As you probe into the secrets of a Disney villain’s past however, remember that the real secret… is the secret blend of herbs and spices.

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