Kiwi’s 15 Minute Meals


I enjoy a good recipe book myself, even if they are typically a bit weak on plot. The prep times can be a little optimistic however – particularly where the chef in question is trying to get you to craft a full three course meal in just a half or quarter hour. To be honest I probably spend about 15 minutes just re-reading recipes as I go through, and that’s precious time many people can ill afford to waste.

To that end, it’s time I wrote my own recipe book – one that, if anything, will leave you with a little time left over to tidy up behind you and admire your handiwork. The chapters on peanut butter sandwiches and angel delight in particular are essential reading for the budding speed cook.

Please bear in mind that, in places, the recipes compromise on taste, innovation, mouth feel and nutrition in order to guarantee a rapid kitchen to stomach turnaround. So, you know, like going to McDonalds. You’ll love it!

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