The Maze Runner


So The Maze Runner looks kind of intriguing. More young adult adventurings, this time a group of young lads have been mysteriously imprisoned in a safe zone in the centre of a vast, deadly maze. Every day the doors open up and they can go exploring, but if they’re not back by nightfall they get locked in and have to sleep on the floor. Also maybe they die, I don’t know, I haven’t worked out the complexities of the plot yet.

There may or may not be a massive, pixelated snake constantly wriggling and shifting around the trapped minors in search of food – giving the appearance of a maze when in fact it’s a giant scale production of a classic mobile phone game. Which raises the question, what happens if the snake crashes into its own tail? Does it flash a few times and disappear, releasing the youths? Do the people who brought about this situation control the snake, or does it have free will? Is there even a snake at all?

All will be revealed when the movie is ready. It’s actually based on a book, so if you know how to read then I guess you could find out the answers ahead of time – although if I were directing a book to movie adaptation I’d throw a bit of a curveball in there to keep the keen beans guessing. Here’s a free hot writing tip: my go-to plot twists are typically a) giant, pixelated snake or b) replacing the last 25 minutes with the last 25 minutes from The Perfect Storm.

p.s. I would be a bit disappointed if it isn’t the snake thing

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