Harry Hopper and the Philosopher’s Kidney Stones – Part 3


I would totally get in that van! Please nobody do this for real.

Dogwarts Academy of Spellcraft and Ensorcelment is an exceptionally prestigious school for magical folk. Usually the school has use of a really tastefully appointed coach with air conditioning and a working toilet, but unfortunately it’s in the shop at the moment. Some argue that the only way for wizarding academia to travel is by train, but the argument could also be made that building an entire traintrack almost the length of the country, just to service one single train going to one single location only three times a year, is both financially unwise and environmentally unfriendly.

Dogwarts has a very open and progressive policy on pets for students. While some schools limit the field to owls, rats and cats, Dogwarts allows students to keep anything which fits in a cage and doesn’t complain loudly enough to bother anyone. Kiwi got his pet, Nedwig, from a street corner hat salesman in Horizont Alley, the home of wizarding bargains in Wolverhampton’s east end.

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