More Lego Movies!


The trickiest part about this is finding films that would both be wildly inappropriate as lego movies, and which have titles which lend themselves to puns about Lego.

Pulp Fiction is a great film, although maybe avoid it if you prefer to avoid swearing and violence. Clockwork Orange… probably fits into exactly the same category, though unlike Pulp Fiction I’m not sure I’d want to watch it again. Requiem for a Dream ranks up there with Grave of the Fireflies for being thoroughly, thoroughly depressing, except with absolutely none of the child friendliness of the latter. So, fun films to remake for kids!

After a long hiatus from breaking, I finally found a breakdance class in Norwich which is exciting. Got along last night and had a great time – lots of people, range of abilities and good teachers. Having not done any for a few years, my muscles might take a little convincing before they get back into the swing of things – a solid 45 minutes of squat related activities has left my legs a little worse for wear, but I’m sure the flex will come back! If you’re in Norwich and interested, it’s on Wednesdays at 7pm at Open.

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