Well hey, at least they’re selfless. Gotta take what you can get!

Divergent is a new film about a society where people are split into strict social groups according to one defining personality trait, very much like the houses in Harry Potter. Unlike the houses in Harry Potter, there is no equivalent to Slytherin, because seriously, why was there a Slytherin house?

Incredibly in the Divergent universe, anyone who shows aptitude for more than one of the available factions is classed as a dangerous rebel. So, if you value peace (Amity) as much as you value honesty (Candor) you are clearly a threat to the fabric of society and should be brutally put down. It’s science!

Your aptitude is decided by a futuristic personality test (a bit like the ones you get on facebook all the time, but with mind bending drugs). Bonus points to individuals who have grown up in Dauntless, who from the trailer appear to arrive at the test by jumping off a moving train. Way to weed out the weaker candidates!

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