The Wizard of Mordor


Athlete’s buttress is a real condition that affects thousands of towers and fortresses worldwide. Symptoms include sweaty ramparts, flaky battlements, loose casements, and a floppy portcullis. If you would like to donate to help support those who are affected by this fungus, there are several very reputable charities that have been set up for just such a purpose, and which work tirelessly both to aid those who are so stricken, and to search for a cure. My personal recommendation would be the Foundation for the Lessening of Athlete’s Buttress, or FLAB, whose website can be found here.

Our one legged protagonist inches ever closer to a vague understanding of what is going on. What began a routine quest to deliver a ring to New Zealand has turned into something much more confusing and unnecessary. Is there an explanation? Do we bother planning stories out in advance? Who is the mysterious Carlton Jr? Find out the answers to some, or none of these questions next time!

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