This stuff is pretty incredible  – it’s a spray on waterproofing film, like Scotchguard’s more potent cousin. Here we have tried to provide just a few of the potential pitfalls of using Neverwet for purposes not recommended by the manufacturer.

The comments in response to this stuff are pretty interesting, including such heights as “but what happens if I drink it?” I mean, come on. I’m sure it wouldn’t do good things to you if you coated your tummy lining with it – but then again, neither would half the contents of your kitchen cupboards. Likely as not it’s a sight more palatable than a standard cup of white spirits or bleach*.

I for one will use it to draw mildly insulting messages on t shirts. I will then give the shirts away, and later throw a bucket of water over the wearer – leaving them both soaking wet, and yet with a small dry patch spelling out “I smell of cheese” for an added kick.


*Under no circumstances drink white spirit or bleach.


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