Breaking Badly

Everyday I'm hustlin'

Breaking Badly season 1 finale

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White are in a diner in the middle of the desert. Jesse is eating a huge bowl of eggs. White is impatiently waiting for a bowl of cereal.

Jesse: Yo Mr White how long is this gonna take?

White: CAW

Jesse: I’m stressing out here man. This guy could make us a lot of money, but he is crazy.

White pecks randomly at some breadcrumbs on the table and coughs up an insect husk.

Jesse: I mean, he can just flip out for no reason. This meeting doesn’t go well, it’s over man.

White: Cha-chi cha-chi

White looks out of the window and pricks up his ear flaps. A stretch hummer rolls into view. The door opens slowly and a cloud of smoke pours from the dark interior. Big Bird steps out of the car. Cut to black, roll credits.

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