John 1:14-18


That’s all for John’s gospel for now. I love the poetic way this brief introductory handles some very important and complex themes about God, Jesus, his mission and the incredible things he has accomplished for us. That we could be children of God! I make things out of lego and when they go wrong I pull them apart and start over. God makes us and when we go wrong he pursues us – because at the core of our identity is that God is our Father, and he will not let his children go without a fight.

And then that God – who the Bible elsewhere describes as dwelling in unapproachable light – chooses to make himself known in the historically concrete person of Jesus. To permanently stamp the universe with the truth that he loves us enough to die in our place.

This is just the introduction. Read John’s gospel – it’s really not that long – but it has profound implications for your life, your self worth, your struggles and suffering, your hopes and dreams. All find their rightful place within God’s greater story, and the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.


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