The Peace of God – Philippians 4:6-7


Already the second strip I have illustrated about not being anxious. Faith in Jesus is a powerful thing. Perhaps from the outside it can look outdated or absurd to be pinning your hopes on God being real, but it is the experience of countless Christians – myself firmly included – that faith in him is a rock in the midst of a turbulent and unpredictable life. We are holding onto hope of a future resurrection from the dead, and on top of that a God who cares about us and is involved in the stuff of everyday life.

It’s not a blind faith, but a faith which is strengthened and extended by the work of the Holy Spirit, by the historical evidence for what the Bible claims about Jesus, and by the experience of living a life dependant on him, seeing him answer prayers and come through for us in myriad ways, both mundane and miraculous.

If you’re a Christian and struggle with fears and anxieties, these verses are for you. I appreciate that these things are not straightforward – sometimes that peace comes straight away, sometimes it’s a barrage of worries and it’s all you can do to pray, grit your teeth and try to carry on. In some cases there may be a medical basis to your anxiety and medication would be helpful. Whatever your situation, our hope is ultimately in Jesus – an expectation that he is for us, that he is capable of bringing peace to troubled minds, and that a day is coming when all fear and anxiety will be removed forever.

If you’re not a Christian, but would like to experience the peace of God which surpasses understanding in your own life – believing in Jesus would be a good place to start.


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