He Was and Is and Is to Come


This poem is actually only the first verse of a longer piece by Stef Liston, who leads Revelation Church in London. It was given as spoken word for the final night’s talk at this year’s Newday event – an annual, week long Christian youth camping event for 12-19 year olds that takes place each Summer.

You can listen to the full piece here, starting around the 10 minute mark, and it’s absolutely worth your time:

He Was and Is and Is to Come

While obviously not quoting chapter and verse, it’s solidly grounded in the Bible, and just a beautiful, wide view of the power and glory, love and mercy, wisdom, beauty and sovereignty of our God. Here is the one who made us, who exists eternally, whose reign is perfect and unending, and who loves with an everlasting love. Here is the spotless, righteous judge, who gave himself to save us while we were still his enemies. Here is the God who is incomparable in strength and glory, yet who delights to pour out compassion and forgiveness on the weak and the needy. Before time began, he was. Throughout history, in every circumstance of life, he is; and on into eternity – he is to come.

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