Anchor Lines has a New Home!

Anchor Lines has a new website!

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It's seemed for a while that these two projects - One Legged Kiwi, a parody webcomic, and Anchor Lines, a faith inspiring webcomic about Jesus and Christianity - aren't the most natural of bedfellows. It makes a lot more sense to have a separate site for each; that way people with questiona about God don't try and find the answers in the exploits of a sarcastic bird. One Legged Kiwi will remain my primary portfolio site, and I'll try and update the comic from time to time as well as using it to showcase my creative work. I will be focussing more on keeping Anchor Lines updated week by week, as I feel called to invest more of my time there.

The rest of my time - that which isn't spoken for by kids and other commitments - will for the next few months be going into a separate project sort of related to Anchor Lines. More on that later this week! In the meantime, there's a sale on in the store - grab a bargain before all of Britain's hot weather is used for the year! You know, by June.

Sale now on!