He Was and Is and Is to Come

He Was and Is and Is to Come is a fully illustrated poem about Jesus, written by Stefan Liston and illustrated by me. We funded the project on Kickstarter, producing a softcover, 84 page book featuring over 200 separate illustrations to tell the story of Jesus life and work throughout history. You can find out more, and order a copy at this link. In addition to the images throughout, I designed the cover artwork and book layout, and handled the publication process through a local printing company.

The book covers some complex subjects, and uses illustration to do so in a way which makes it accessible to young and old alike, in a very family friendly way. Younger readers can grasp something of the wording through the engaging illustrative style, while readers of all ages are drawn in by visual aids. At the same time, the poem unpacks some profound Biblical themes in a clear and intelligible way in a fraction of the time it might take to try and explain in prose. You can see a sampling of pages below.

Book cover full res square

He Was 1

He Was 2

He Was 3

He Was 5